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Hard Times

thetruthisimruthless said: yeah, it's not minus forty every day, just a couple times a winter, on average i'd say minus 20. My friend wants me to go to london in october to see devin townsend, and I really want to, but we'll see if I can save enough in time. I'm not really one for sports, but the olympics would be worth seeing if I happened to be there. What is the tube? lol Im going to guess the subway maybe? i'm probably wrong though.

Ah fair enough. Never heard any Devin Townsend songs, but he seems pretty cool. Yeah I’m not a huge sports fan either but I guess its one of those once in a lifetime things. Spot on, it is indeed the underground train system, and something I miss very much when I’m away haha.

thetruthisimruthless said: I don’t blame you, but at least you don’t have too much longer left!It does get pretty cold here, minus forty sometimes :{ but this winter we havn’t had too much snow at least. How cold does it get over there? I would like to visit london someday.

Wow, minus forty, never would’ve imagined it being that cold. It doesn’t get as cold as that over here, minus five is usually the coldest I’ve seen, but I find it bearable. It would be pretty cool if you came over, plus the Olympics are this year. But all the people going to the games will probably cause me hassle on the Tube lol.

My new sounds: A cover of The Beatles song Real Love.

Might do a cover of this.


Nowhere Boy, 2009

My new sounds: No Name # 1 by Elliott Smith

My new sounds: a cover of Time Is On My Side by The Rolling Stones.